We caught up with Per Vallbo, the founder of Yster SUP, a Swedish SUP brand designing premium coastal paddle boards.

What is your brand story and vision?

In 2014 we started designing our own boards since we realized that most paddle boards on the market were not designed for Northern waters. We realized that the boards needed to be capable of cutting through choppy waves and handling side winds with exceptional directional stability. After two years of development and many prototypes later we launched Yster SUP in 2016. Yster is an old Swedish word for playful or frisky.

What is the most challenging aspect of building a SUP brand?

The challenge any new brand faces is to build awareness with limited resources. I am delighted to have met dedicated people who believe in the brand and our values. Also, the logistics of the bulky boards is a challenge.

What’s innovative/disruptive about your brand/technology?

Paddle boarding has its roots from Hawaii. No wonder that the vast majority of all board on the market are designed for wave surfing. Sure, there a few spots in Europe which allow wave surfing, but the most common conditions in Northern waters are not waves or swells but flat water. Our boards are designed totally optimised for Northern flat waters including chop and windy conditions.

Who are you designing the boards for?

We design SUP-boards for committed paddle boarder who do not only appreciate performance, stability and directional stability but also the noble looks of our boards.

What’s next for Yster SUP?

We will continue to expand into new markets. We will also make limited editions to test new ideas.

To find out more about Yster SUP and see the whole range of boards, visit www.ystersup.com

You may now pre-order the 2019 Yster SUP collection.