SUPer Whale is based at the heart of a vibrant entrepreneurial tech community and we’ve always been fascinated by all things SUP and start-up. With a new wave of innovations reshaping the worlds of SUP, surf and sustainability we want to dedicate this space to exciting, innovative & disruptive ventures with a potential to improve and redefine the sport and impact the world in a positive way.

SUP Tank is a Facebook group and a one-stop platform for all innovative stuff and solutions in the SUP, surf and sustainability space.

Some of our stories…

Electric Wave

Electric Wave is half surf-film, half arthouse-cinema and all futuristic. Featuring seven time World Surf League Champion, Stephanie Gilmore, in addition to the young star Coco Ho and legendary free surfer, Leah Dawson, Electric Wave celebrates sustainability and progression within and beyond the surf world. Produced by CONVICTS Media and defined by collaboration, dance and the world’s most advanced artificial surf break, Electric Wave offers a vision of a more conscious and sustainable future.

adidas x Parley for Oceans

Parley Ocean Plastic® is created from upcycled marine plastic waste that is intercepted from remote islands, beaches and coastal communities. The brand uses it as a replacement for virgin plastic in the making of all adidas x Parley high-performance sportswear. After collecting plastic waste from coastlines, it’s baled and sent to Parley supply chain partners. There it’s shredded and reworked to become high-performance polyester yarn: Parley Ocean Plastic™, which is then used to create adidas x Parley sportswear, that’s as good for the planet as it is for the workout. To find out more about Parley for Oceans, visit 

SUP Tank Talks

We have introduced the SUP Tank Talks series with innovative founders offering new, sustainable solutions for the watersports industry. Here’s a quick recap:

Nordic, playful, fierce: Per Vallbo talks Yster SUP paddle boards – Chat with Per Vallbo, the founder of Yster SUP, a Swedish SUP brand designing premium coastal paddle boards SUPer Whale squad is proudly representing

Finding Balance: Daddyboards Founder Talks Side Hustle, SUP Surfing and Craftsmanship – Chat with Scott McGlashan, Founder of Daddyboards, balance boards for land-based training

Sewn Again: Flying high in the circular economy circuit – Chat with Louise Hadlow, the Founder of Sewn Again Recycled Kite Bags

Stow and go: Paddle Logger founder talks UX and challenges of building a successful start-up around a mobile app – Chat with David Walker

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